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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday Cycling a civilised society

The Athletic Club have started doing a series of Sunday group rides aimed at some of us who are not comfortable group cycling and also want to improve their cycling endurance. I went on my first one this morning and have discovered a wonderful new world. I usually only ride in small groups but found the miles just soared by as we chatted away (once various bike problems and punctures were sorted out). I have always been a bit wary of joining a cycle club but after this I'm sorely tempted.

One important thing I learned today - good kit is a lifesaver. I just bought a Winter bib and jacket from SPUIK and I cant believe how much more comfortable (and dry) I am!!


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Mud, Mayhem & Winter Nights

The 1st Wedgnock Winter Series Race last weekend was fantastic. I managed 8th place so was really pleased (as well as being wet and muddy!). Next one is 27th December, I dread to think how cold and muddy that will be!

Winter night are now truly upon us. The Simply Run group are doing well and its great motivation to get me out on a Tuesday evening, as I would never drag myself out otherwise.

As well as Winter nights, cold dark mornings are also not pleasant. Other than a few weeks of reprieve since the clocks went back its grim getting on the bike early in the morning. Still its all for the best!

Roll on the spring