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Stratford Bike Hire
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Sunday, 6 April 2008

London is Looming and its snowing!

Only one week to go until the London Marathon. A whole group from Stratford AC goes down every year for 26miles of torture. After flogging myself in the Midlands Road Relays yesterday and my last run of any length before next week I am looking forward t it.

I have bought a nice new bike from the Cycle Studio which has got me cycling again. The guys in there are great and have set me up on a nice carbon number! I am just desperately trying to make sure my wife doesnt find out how much it cost!! SO after London the triathlon season looms.

I have been really impressed with just how many people have been brave enough to get out and hire bikes over the last couple of days. JUst get out there and do it.

Stratford bike hire

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